Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Simple Needs

Picture taken November 2012, Boulder, CO
i yearn to be
where fields of green
are clearly seen
and respected
not bull dozed
or cemented
where mountain peaks
and forest creeks
surround me
no more wires
just simple needs
much like seeds
only natural
are my desires

Feb. 09, 2013

Let My Ballad Begin...

Anyone who knows me knows I am not exactly computer savvy. In fact, every computer seems to go to shit as soon as it's in my possession. Same thing happens with vehicles, cell phones...it's a curse. Nevertheless, I have been inspired to write and inspired to share my writing with anybody who cares enough to read it. This is likely to end up just being one individual, the lovely Rebecca- a.k.a. my mom (big THANKS to her for setting up this entire "blog" for me because like I said...computers...not so much).